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what is learno system?

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Learno aims to start an education sharing platform that runs on blockchain technology. Learno platform will also generate cryptocurrency when each user participates in any course. Users also earn cryptocurrencies if they view any video, comment, participate in a quiz, ask a question or answer one, and for each upvote.


Creating an educational blockchain platform like no other


Learno has a mission of making learning more interesting and profitable. Learno intends to achieve this by using VR technology and blockchain to students wherever and whenever.

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keys & Identity

Powerful blockchain technologies

Global availability of the content. Learno platform made available for users across the world. Regardless of a user's location, they can gain access to the Learno platform provided they have internet access.


Learno factors in the level and type of interaction students have with their teachers, and this knowledge has helped us develop our platform.


Content Security

Teachers put in a lot of effort to create their teaching content. This process also makes it part of who they are, their intellectual property.


Earn Reward

As a creator or an uploader, you also get rewarded with a certain number of coins. This helps Learno readers have an extensive library of content online, and as a creator, your work gets seen by many users.


Virtual Reality Content

Learno is a leading platform that tries to bring learning into your bedroom. To make things more interesting, Learno is also the world's first blockchain distribution platform for virtual reality, video classes, and a platform where you can meet other like-minded users.


Live Video & Message Chat

Learno platform creates an option for live video chat and messaging. This helps students communicate with other students and their teachers. This creates a classroom like an environment where students can communicate with teachers and other coursemates in real-time.


Social Integration Community

Learno has figured that such an application can also be used in learning. Learno has developed its own VR based social integration communication to help its readers communicate easily.

How it work

how does blockchain work


Monetization is built right into it. Every-time a Viewer opens the site.


The transaction is represented online as a block


The block is broadcasted to every party in the network


The network approves the transaction


The block is added to the existing blockchain in a
transparent and unaterable way


The transaction is complete

Future Developments

The benefit of a blockchain project and student and teacher meet online, chat, live interaction.

  • Global Event Participate
  • Tie-Up top world university.
  • Development Virtual Reality Class with Live Session .
  • Jobs Placement using Our own campus & recruitment .
  • Develop Education Multiple Player Game (The Future of Virtual Reality and Video Games & it’s Connection to Education) .
  • Develop Gadget base on education.


the token sale is Live!

ICO Crypto token will be released on the basis of Ethereum and Bitocin platform. It's compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.
  • Start:
    07 Jun 2020 (6:00AM GMT)
  • End:
    31 August 2020 (6:00AM GMT)
  • Acceptable currencies:
    ETH, BTC
2020/08/12 10:13:56
  • Number of tokens for sale:
    14,000,000 LRT
  • Tokens exchange rate:
    1 LRT = 0.06 USD
  • Base Bonus :
    06 Jun 2020 to 07 July 2020
  • TIER 1 :  2,500 LRT min Bonus 15 %
  • TIER 2 :  4,500LRT min Bonus 20 %
  • TIER 3 : 10,000LRT min Bonus 30%


The timeline

5 FEB 2020

Project Idea and Project topic research

27 March 2020

Proving Concept can work

3 April 2020

Team Up the core members

12 April 2020

Office establishment

25 April 2020

White Paper preparation

15 May 2020

Launching White Paper

26 May 2020

Development Start-up



Why choose Learno? Problems and solutions

Problem 1: Online school is boring. Many people consider online schooling to be boring. This is a result of several reasons. However, you can divide these problems into two broad parts, namely. •The content •The teacher ?

Solution: Learno helps its learners never feel bored or uninterested by providing online courses that are dynamic, fun, and interactive. Once this is achieved, readers will not only stay longer and engage our courses, but they will also get more of our cryptocurrency and learn faster.

Problem 2: Students may encounter technical difficulties with online VR schooling. This is largely because the contents weren’t developed for everyone.?

Solution: Learno helps its users avoid this problem by offering multi-device courses and personal attention. The essence of using VR in the learning process is to create a learning environment similar to a typical classroom. Learno has improved its application by making it available on multiple devices so you can learn on your phones, tablets, or laptops. This VR environment also creates room for special attention to be given to each student.

Problem 3: There is the problem of too much data on the internet. This cluster makes it difficult for students to know which courses exist on the internet. ?

Solution: Learno dissolves this problem by launching campaigns for these courses. After getting rid of irrelevant and outdated courses, Learno can launch campaigns to highlight its courses and other new courses that weren’t viewed by students.

Problem 4: Students don’t have time for online training. One disadvantage of having all the time in the world is you feel you have all the time. Because of this, students hardly ever complete training because they don’t see an expiration date on it. ?

Solution: Learno plans on getting around this problem by setting time limits on training. Learno will also create reminders to alert the student. This singular factor improves the urgency to learn something new, which means students are forced to create time for this training.

Problem 5: Students to talk to people. Students need to be reminded that they aren’t alone in the world. Students need to learn communication skills and improve their EQ as well as learn. ?

Solution: Learno helps students talk to other students by giving them personal attention, developing forums, and social media platforms to help students communicate with the world around them.

Problem 6: Students cant practice. Another disadvantage of online school is that students don’t have labs or practice rooms. ?

Solution: with Learnos VR labs and classrooms, students can use these useful features and other practical courses with real-time simulators. These features make it possible for students to have similar experiences to what they would have had in physical schools.

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Learno blockchain project brings you the future of education and online teaching.


Token Name : Learno
Token Symbol : LRT
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 LRT
Total Contract:: 0x7194BB18C95c638F9b9604C2f20064B66A0de8fE

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